Pay it Forward Program

New Fundraiser! Greenbacks App is an easy and quick way to successfully raise funds year-round!

Greenbacks is packed with 1,000's of cashback offers at fine and casual dining restaurants, local attractions, travel, shopping and much more!

This unique fundraiser let the users save and Pay it Forward at the same time and the kids always win!

Schools can receive $5 for each download when the user connects a qualifying card (free download).

Users then choose the amount they would like to Pay it Forward. On average, friends and family typically donate 60% of their savings (or $144) a year, while others donate the minimum 25% (or $60 ) per year.

Many of our Cash Back offers are right in your neighborhood so your families can support local businesses.

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Your School Profits. Supporters Save. Your Community Wins.

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With the Greenbacks Pay it Forward program you raise the funds you need as your supporters save and the community benefits. Your friends and family typically save $96, while at the same time raising $144 for your school.

How Does the Greenbacks Pay it Forward Program work?

Each School will get a unique link to share with its supporters. They download the free Mobile App follow the prompts to select the amount of savings they would like to Pay it Forward and begin redeeming their favorite deals. If your supporters already have the Greenbacks App, then all they have to do is search for your school and select the amount they would like to Pay it Forward.

Earn the Funds you need with Greenbacks Pay it Forward

Our Pay it Forward Program offers

Greenbacks "Pay it Forward" program offers a quick and easy way to raise the funds you need successfully. Your supporters will appreciate the popular restaurants and local attractions they can save at.

Risk Free

No Sales

High Profits

Fundraising  Liaison

Your School Earns. Families Save. Your Community Wins!
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