Local Partnership

 Local Partner Program

GreenBacks out of the box:

  1. Self-service dashboard & sign-up

  2. Dedicated on-boarding support

  3. Sales staff training and support

  4. Robust Invoicing a billing system to manage both local and national merchants

  5. Direct customer inquiries

  6. Credit card network escalation service

  7. Incremental lift reporting access

38.4% of advertising
budgets are spent digitally
Even though there's been no direct attribution to in-store sales...

The Attribution Gap

Solves the Attribution Gap

Now you can track on online customer to an in-store purchase in under 1 minute

A New Era In Marketing

Benefits of CPR

100% Attribution to In-Store Revenue

No Cost for Impressions, Clicks, or Visits

5X – 20X ROAS

YoY Incremental Revenue Lift Reporting

Self-Funding with No Upfront Cost

No Ad or Click Fraud

Local Community Marketing

  • Gets the community involved

  • Helps raise fund for local Schools

  • No asking for donations

  • No door-to-door selling

  • Year-round earning potential

  • Double donation spirit nights

  • No inventory tracking

  • High earning potential

  • Supported Program

  • Report tracking to individual donation

Customers Dine and Earn Rewards

Projection Summary

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